• 10 janv. 2013

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Avanquest Mobile Technologies selected by Technicolor to be its software partner for Qeo ecosystem

Paris, January 10, 2013 – At the Consumer Electronic Show, Technicolor, a worldwide technology leader in the media and entertainment sector, unveiled Qeo, a communication framework to interconnect devices and applications of all brands in Connected Home. Avanquest is proud to announce its support to this innovative project among other industry leaders, including cloud services providers, chipset manufacturers, consumer electronics devices manufacturers and network services providers. Qeo is a communication framework that makes devices, applications and over-the-top cloud solutions speak to one another to deliver simpler and richer smart home, entertainment, communication and personal media services. It benefits both end users and developers, while answering consumer electronics manufacturers and services providers’ needs. Qeo can bridge application running on different operating systems: this is the key reason why Avanquest has accepted to be Technicolor software partner for Qeo. Network agnostic (it can run through wired or wireless networks), it can be embedded into applications of all major operating systems (Windows, Apple iOS & Mac, Androïd, Linux…) to create cross-ecosystems services: virtually, any connected device or application can run Qeo communication framework, in order to bring additional functionalities to the consumer while remaining completely flexible and open for the application developer or the services provider (no client/server architecture). For Bruno Vanryb, Avanquest CEO, “being an early Qeo partner was natural for our Mobile Technologies division. This Technicolor communication framework platform represents what we believe in: interoperability, open ecosystems and user-friendly experiences. Moreover, as a major player of online activities, we are keen to play a major role in the expansion of what is called Connected Life.” Business wise, this Qeo project is “an exciting opportunity for Avanquest Mobile Technologies” says David Wright, manager of the division. “Our strategy is to expand geographically our activities and being partner of Technicolor, a world leader with strong positions in South and North America, is a driving force for our international development. With Qeo the delivery of our services - from people, contents and devices protection to the multi-screen connected home – will be simpler for users”. For more information about Qeo, please check the Technicolor press release : About Avanquest Mobile Technologies: Avanquest Mobile Technologies is the Mobility division of Avanquest Software, a world leader in developing and publishing software applications and cloud services in PCs, Tablets, Smartphones, TV and social networks. Established in 1984, Avanquest Software has been listed on the NYSE Euronext since 1996. For any additional information about the division: For any additional corporate information, please visit: CONTACTS ANALYSTS - INVESTORS Thierry BONNEFOI +33 (0)1 41 27 19 74 PRESS : Ziad GEBRAN +33 (0)1 41 27 19 82